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Who is Lisa of Lisa's Gift Wrappers?

People ask me to describe myself. In a short sentence. With a couple of words.

Anyone that knows me will agree with me when I say I can't do it. I can talk forever about gift wrapping. I think it's because I am passionate about gift wrapping. I have studied it, read a lot about it, and I find it can be a big outlet for my creativity. I mean, when can you create a piece of art and have it done in 15 minutes?

"I look at a gift and immediately imagine what look of awe or surprise will be on their face. I want them to explore how the gift got wrapped - how did we know so much about them that we were able to pick the right color, or pattern of paper and marry it with the perfect ribbon?"

Creativity is in my genes. My mother was an artist, an art teacher, a costume designer, and a calligrapher. My dad's hobby was wood working, finding his pleasure in the beautiful grain of the wood with a simple finish. My grandmother always made little do-dad's for our Christmas tree - glitter being the main element. So it was inevitable I guess.
"In our house, paper and crayons and glue and scissors meant an afternoon of fun. The more colorful and creative my sisters and I got the more fun we had."

For the last 9 years, my passion has been to make an ordinary gift into the most extraordinary, creative and unique wrapping and ribbon, so that when it is handed to the gift recipient, they say "WOW".

Because after how carefully the gift has been selected, the presentation should be as important as the gift.

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